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7 money-saving web design tips

Web design within reach

Whether you're talking about building a new website from scratch, redesigning your existing site, or just rolling out some new killer apps, you're going to be looking at a rather large bill once a team of designers and developers finish bringing your vision to life. It's just the nature of the beast -- professionally built websites aren't free, even if some of the best tools around are so-called free-ware.

But whether your budget is $10,000, $50,000, or so big you don't even want to say, it pays to watch every penny because keeping prices in line will have a direct impact on the quality of your website. After all, a website is never really finished because technology changes too quickly, so there's always more you'll want to do. Having room left in your existing budget -- or avoiding huge budget-overruns -- will give you the freedom you need to launch the best website you can.

To help you make the most of your web design budget, we reached out to a handful of agencies that specialize in building websites for major brands. We asked those agencies what their clients could do either ahead of time (i.e., before hiring the agency) or during the project (i.e., how they managed changes, gave notes, etc.) to keep costs from going beyond the agreed-upon price. Here's what we found.

SEO Services-Tips On Increasing Your Website Ranking

Website ranking refers to the given order of websites in the different search engines. Website ranking is important because it helps you to know whether your website will receive any visitors. The higher your sites ranking, the more traffic flowing through your site. This is where an SEO expert can be one of your best business investments.

London, UK, 23 October, 2009: It is a generally accepted fact that if your website does not feature in the first thirty results for a search engine, then it is quite likely that the search engine does not recognize your website for the typed in keywords.
To increase the ranking of your website, there are several SEO tips you can follow to help you. First, get to know which keywords are relevant when searching for websites similar to yours. Further ascertain that those key words are found on the first page of your website or in the titles on the home page. You can find this out by going to a search engine and typing in key words found on your website. The results should tell you if your ranking is satisfactory or needs to be worked on.
The design layout of your website should be simple and easy to use. Avoid complex URLs to simplify the search for both search engines and human users. Then, get to know what the different search engines want and the easiest way which you can help them. Some search engines like Google use main text words.
You should carry out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure you are available to search engines. This will ensure that the search engines will find your website easily. Do research on those websites that are higher in rank than you and find out what they are doing to get there. Then use that information to improve your own website. You can also take the help of seo services provided by some experienced seo company.
Building links with other websites will provide greater visibility for your website. The more popular the website you have your link in the higher chance that your website will be viewed. For example, popular social networking sites like Face book and Twitter can provide valuable access to large groups of users who may be interested in your website.
Consider getting expert SEO advice when attempting to improve your website. The initial investment may seem costly but it is nothing compared to what you stand to gain when your website receives large numbers of visitors. It is important to remember that most search engines like websites with a lot of written content rather than pictographic information. Therefore, design your website accordingly.
Finally, include keywords that are commonly used in search engines but that will not be found in rival websites. Improving your key word density, that is, the number of times relevant keywords appear on a page in your website. Do not put too many keywords on a page because some search engines will ignore the website as junk.
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Best Australian Web Design Agencies Ranked by topseos.com.au for October 2009

Plymouth, IN (PRWEB) October 26, 2009 -- topseos.com.au, the independent authority on search vendors, has reviewed and ranked the Best Australian Website Design Agencies for October 2009.

Independent Authority on Search Vendors
Independent Authority on Search Vendors

Site visitors are much tougher on design than they used to be. If a site doesn't have a clean, creative, and coherent design, visitors have no problem moving on. A good web design company knows the intricacies of design including how to create a sight that is creative without being overwhelming. topseos.com.au has ranked the best in web design for your benefit.

These are the Best Web Designing Experts for October 2009:

1. Adrenalyn Web Marketing
2. Linc Digital
3. BlackMax Media
4. Glass Onion
5. Able Net Design
6. Click2it
7. BMC Optimise
8. Definite Web Australia
9. Kanga Internet
10. Web Profits Pty Ltd

Each company is placed through a set review process. Companies are reviewed based on their qualifications as well as their performance in customer service. At least three clients of each company are interviewed concerning their experiences. Project specific queries include, but are not limited to, "What form of planning and strategy was undertaken by the agency before they started on your project?" and "Does your website have a search engine friendly design? What components of your design and stragey included SEO?" The preceding companies exceed the criteria set by topseos.com.au.

Learn more about the Top Web Designer and other great companies

Agencies interested in being listed should apply for ranking at: http://www.topseos.com.au/rankings/search-engine-marketing-agencies/apply-for-ranking

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Boy Genius Report Launches New Website Design

BGR New Website Design

If you are a tech junkie like us here at Erictric, it’s very likely that you’ve visited the BoyGeniusReport.com at one point or another. And if you have been to the site in the past 12 hours, you’ve probably noticed a big change. Well, that’s because BGR rolled out its new website design last night.

The new design brings a lot of new features such as the new color-coded badges to help distinguish different categories, the improved comments section with a new up and down voting system, a redesigned gallery, and a new feature called BGR Whispers. When explaining BGR Whispers, this is what the Boy Genius himself says about it:

“Think of this as Twitter for BGR. You won’t find us telling you anything personal, but what it will enable us to do is post information we’re hearing that’s not confirmed. Basically its place is between something we’d tweet and something we’d post — not confirmed enough to warrant a real post, but definitely intriguing enough to share.”

They are also letting everyone know they are rebranding the site to just BGR, as it seems like that’s what everyone calls the site most of the time nowadays. They don’t seem to have changed their address to BGR.com, though. And just so you know, according to them, the reason they changed the look was because “it just felt time that we freshened up the site.”

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