Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boy Genius Report Launches New Website Design

BGR New Website Design

If you are a tech junkie like us here at Erictric, it’s very likely that you’ve visited the BoyGeniusReport.com at one point or another. And if you have been to the site in the past 12 hours, you’ve probably noticed a big change. Well, that’s because BGR rolled out its new website design last night.

The new design brings a lot of new features such as the new color-coded badges to help distinguish different categories, the improved comments section with a new up and down voting system, a redesigned gallery, and a new feature called BGR Whispers. When explaining BGR Whispers, this is what the Boy Genius himself says about it:

“Think of this as Twitter for BGR. You won’t find us telling you anything personal, but what it will enable us to do is post information we’re hearing that’s not confirmed. Basically its place is between something we’d tweet and something we’d post — not confirmed enough to warrant a real post, but definitely intriguing enough to share.”

They are also letting everyone know they are rebranding the site to just BGR, as it seems like that’s what everyone calls the site most of the time nowadays. They don’t seem to have changed their address to BGR.com, though. And just so you know, according to them, the reason they changed the look was because “it just felt time that we freshened up the site.”


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