Sunday, October 25, 2009

New CNN Website Design Launches


Two days earlier than predicted, CNN has launched their brand-new website design. You’ll now notice the site’s header is more reddish with the prominent CNN logo displayed front and center, but that’s not all. The news network has split the homepage into three particular sections. Also, CNN will be focusing more on video content with this redesign, which is already quite apparent. But that’s still not all. Users can now set up personal profile pages and customize it with weather, and other things you may be in to (like iGoogle). Within these profiles, users can “follow a topic” to get the latest on it with relevant news stories.

NewsPulse Beta is CNN’s version of Digg, with stories being rated by popularity and category or even type (be it article or video) which is sure to keep your interest.

But there’s still more to be discovered. Users who would like to get a video tour of the “relaunch,” as CNN is calling it can watch this video, narrated by CNN’s own Anderson Cooper.

How do you feel about CNN’s new website design?


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