Thursday, October 22, 2009

American Speed Association Launches New Website

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The American Speed Association, a sanctioning body for 35 member tracks and 11 racing series across the United States, is proud to announce that its new and improved website ( is now available. The site was created by DiscoverTec of Jacksonville, FL.

“Wow! Was the first thing I said when the developers showed me what they created,” Dennis Huth, American Speed Association President said. “When I met with them, I told them that I wanted something with a ‘wow factor’ and they have produced an exciting website that the racing community will enjoy visiting a lot.”

The site was created by Chris Ramaglia, Web Development Project Manager at DiscoverTec and Daniel Fuchs. “What excited us the most about working with ASA was the fact that their website had a national reach and loyal following, our primary goal was to maximize the user experience for their current visitors and give them a platform that they could use to grow their online presence,” Ramaglia recently stated. “Honestly, there’s so much ‘cool stuff’ you can do with the racing industry and the opportunity ASA provided us with allowed us to take advantage of some cutting edge visual elements as well as implement some of the most advanced website development tools out there today. From a design perspective, we wanted them to have a site that could compete with anything that’s out there as far as sports/news magazine-style websites. Time will tell, but we love the design, had a great time building it, and can’t wait until it’s live.”

Ramaglia went on to explain what visitors to the site will see, “The main thing is we worked closely with ASA to update the look and feel and push the envelope on what can be done functionally. Mainly, when you look at the successful, national sports/racing websites, they use motion graphics so well that it fits with the design. Motion graphics can take a website to a whole different level, but the key is to use them properly and in moderation,” Ramaglia explained. “The rotating news piece on the homepage is something that we spent a lot of time on and we think that in addition to it looking really cool, it actually adds to the experience for the user. So many times, we see sites with nice motion graphics, but it seems like they’re on there just for the ‘wow’ factor and not very easy to use. We appreciated the fact that ASA let us really get creative with the smaller details on the site as well, they had a very clear vision of what they wanted overall and trusted to execute to our strengths. They were a great group to work with and we’re really proud of the final product.”

DiscoverTec is a 15-year-old Technology company that provides web design, web development and internet marketing, including search engine optimization as well as social media campaigns and has customers all over the world. They have built brochure-style websites for small businesses as well as enterprise-level website applications for Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. In 2008 they became a Microsoft-Certified Gold partner and all of their websites are using the powerful Microsoft .Net Framework.

Ramaglia also said that his team is ready to create websites for ASA tracks, series and members, “The best way would be to call myself or Daniel Fuchs and we can set up a time to visit, whether in person or using our web conference tools. We live for this stuff and go out of our way to be easy to work with.”

You contact Chris or Daniel by calling 904-680-3000 or visiting their website at

“We would like to thank Dennis, Shannon and everyone else at ASA for the opportunity to work with them,” Ramaglia said. “We really hope that everyone that visits the new website enjoys using it as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.


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