Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Circuit: Awards and Festivals News

People's Choice Award offers people their choice of new award design


Now, of course we know that you love the People's Choice Awards. But is there a chance that when you consider the award itself, a sliver of wistfulness creeps into your heart? Do you wish that perhaps there was a chance that a new design might come forth for, say, the 2010 edition of the awards? Well, there is hope on the horizon for you. Not only will the first new People's Choice trophy in 35 years be unveiled at the next event -- slated for Jan. 6 -- but you'll have the opportunity to vote for the new design.

Visitors to the People's Choice website can view and vote on their favorite of three new designs (shown here) by the prestigious Waterford Crystal -- and in doing so, they'll be registered for a chance to win a trip to the ceremony. It is quite possible that in addition to being an awful lot of fun, the People's Choice Awards just might be magic.

The winning design will be announced along with the people's choice (natch) in music, movies and television at a press conference in Los Angeles on Nov. 10.


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