Thursday, October 22, 2009 Announces New Features for Google Analytics

Google has today announced a host of new features that will be incorporated to vastly improve the Google Analytics program. The new features include an intelligent feature which promises to alert you to significant changes in data received, more powerful goal setting options, more mobile reporting and advanced analysis features.

It is unclear at the moment when Google will allow people to start using the new feature but it looks like many people will be pleased with the new versatility.

The new features include the following:

Intelligence – Understand more of the data you receive
• Analytics Intelligence
• Custom Alerts

More Powerful Options - More data manipulation and analysis features

• Engagement Goals
• Expanded Mobile Reporting
• Advanced Analysis Features
• Unique Visitor Metric

Flexibility – Tools to adapt and customise Google Analytics

• Multiple Custom Variables
• Sharing Segments and Custom Report Templates

For full detail on the updates please visit:


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